Flared Skirt Brings Charm To Formal Shirt

The moment you look at this picture my facial expression seems to angry, but honestly I was trying to pose for the picture. It was a bright sunny day that was straight hitting my eyes. I felt as if the sun was competing my outfit because it was more bright. As we know there is a lighter color than yellow sun and that is my white outfit. The white collar and lace skirt was the outfit of my summer dairy - I am Trendy.

Any Guesses About My New Look

A simple white cloth was outfit of the day for me. You all might be having white top or a white formal shirt that you wear it for outings. You wear during an interviews, business meet, or any corporate avenues where white is mandatory. In regards to skirt you can have any type of skirt depending on your body type. As I am pear shaped, I chose to wear a flared lace material skirt with this cotton shirt. In case you have an hourglass or petite body shape then you are the lucky one to experiment and wear off all types of clothes in the world. For the fact, I and you know that fashion never fades away. Overall I made an attempt to show you what I had in my mind. In the second picture I pose with my black and golden straped stilettos. That does not mean a stilettos had made my outfit oomph. If you notice more carefully a bun hairstyle, a metallic jewelry, and a brown leather sling bag. 

White Outfit Ruling My Stilettos

So, is it my white outfit or my stilettos? I think white outfit because I could have worn it with a white canvas as well. If you have white canvas then try wearing it with your flared skirt or simple frill skirt. Yes, I totally understand that pain when your white clothes get stained quickly, which is impossible to clean it off. Just to remind you nothing is impossible and that's why I suggest to clean it by baking soda, salt, or vinegar immediately. All you need to do is find the better solutions to overcome your little problems. White can teach you take care of your things more specifically. Try to take care of your white not only once, but twice and thrice until you learn to do it perfectly. Do not believe me, instead believe yourself to take care of your whites, which will surely help you in longer run. All the best!

Simply Staying Elegant Is A Manner

Buy or use your skirt for a semi-formal look after office hours for hangout or dinner. Also, talking about my makeover I had applied a very light foundation which is not even visible. I apply a winged style eyeliner while you have to apply something that suits your eye shape. I applied a coco brown pigmented lipstick of Oriflame that goes well with my my brown pendant. Because it's summer day I ensured to dab my lip with powder so that it stays on my lip for longer hour. You can apply dark red matte lipstick or a maroon lipstick too. It will give your face a smarter look. And last but not the least, without fail I had worn my nerdy spectacles because I am blind in the world of fashion. And if you are nerdy or geek then you have a your style than all the other out there.



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