Beige Girl At The Town Side Of The City

Another post after a long time, you may call me moon of the day that shines out on rare days and lives the best of it. So before I speak about my blog post I would to thank everyone those who just happened to click on my post and spent their time scrolling down my post. Trust me its been painful to get this photo shoot done early morning. I was expecting to get some pictures clicked early morning with a sunrise view, but the weather seems to upset and it did not worked out the way planned. At the same time, I would say there's a childhood friend of mine who somehow managed to click best of what he can. I guess there's bright shine inside us itself that shines out beautifully from the below picture.

Since sober color are the season of summer days, the picture that I had posted beautifully sums up my look for the day. Light beige with slight shady pink could be your summer days outfit or for the evening party thrills. Isn't it fun to have outfit with double benefits just like double toppings of ice cream? I believe it's a yes. You can think for similar one with white lily colors, baby blues, lavender or lemonade yellow too.


I ordered this outfit from ROMWE. Yes! you've read it right. I think its absolutely a best online outfit portal that I can be reliable on for few more outfit. This one costed just Rs.1430/- On first order you get a discount of Rs.200/- off. Click on the above picture of mine that will direct you to the same outfit. 

It's a chiffon long dress of halter neck with rope style closure at the back and sleeve less arm design. The bottom of the dresss is moreover like sheath gown of low high with a cut that divides the bottoms to whirl so that you can walk easily. So you may search out for low high gown of any other patterns or cloth materials that you are comfortable to carry. Just as I had opted for chiffon for summer which is comfy for me, easily breathe, walk around and maybe dance too.
Oh! Yes. I must share about my new beige sandals too. I was thinking to make my style look like a gorgeous lady, which could be still a nice bold style at some formal party or on some grand days. I must give a thought about it and post it for you guys soon. As you can see I selected a Mary Jane T-Strap cone heels that perfectly matches the color of my outfit. On the basis of my personal experience, choose a footwear that would suit your feet type. If you have narrow feet, then you can easily wear Mary Jane shoes forever and if broader feet, then you should go to pick up the cross strap one. Sometimes it depends on the inner leather type of the footwear too that is comfy enough for you and that allows you to not bother at all. Best of Luck!

If you might be thinking about the beauty, then be a girl with a winged eyeliner with a red lip color or baby pink or a nude maroon lipcolor. I would not recommend my beauty tips as I think you may know much better depending on the skin tone. So that's how I had morning trip at town side city of Mumbai, where no one is awake despite of little bright daylight. When the city was still asleep I was awake to snap some posts for you. Till then Good Bye! See you soon with my next blog.



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