8 Ways To Wear A Bodycon Dress

Like the above title itself states 8 different styles to wear a bodycon dress is clearly gives idea to wear a dress in different ways. The very important fact is that you must have a bodycon dress especially if you have an hourglass or rectangle type of body shape so that you can wear it for different occasions. The reason we all like to be trendy and have each and every type of outfit for different event and outings, my blog post can be helpful for you. Another fact is that you might be having a bodycon dress, which is surely hanging inside your wardrobe or however way you might have kept it. This is something happened with me, when I purchased this dress for a farewell and later I didn't know where and when to wear it. Nonetheless I found my way and so I am sharing this post with everyone here so that you too can try out this outfit in my way. Get ready to be I Am Trendy.

Back To Old School Girl

Let this outfit be known as an old school girl just as this image of me with two section of hair on both the side. All you need to do is -
  • Wear a blue denim pants with the bodycon dress. Again ensure to wear a darker blue shades of denims.
  • Wear accessories such as belt. I chose to wear red because my bodycon dress has red and black stripes on it.
  • You can try some other hairstyles such as a pony tail, fish braid, or bun.
  • You can also wear a canvas or platform sandals, just as I have worn wedges and made my look perfect with denim pants folded at the bottom.

Active Blue Denims For Adventurous Style

Weekend getaways is all we need to have some fun in life. It's actually not necessary to wear this kind of outfit on picnics, resorts or one day trips, but you can definitely wear it at college or during the hangout with friends. This is a superactive outfit for the day that can make you look alive throughout the day. Even if you are an introvert person, an outfit like this can make you look ready to go with a sturdy style. Well, how did I do that -  
  • Wear a denim jacket.
  • Wear a sunglass if required on a sunny day that suits your face shape.
  • Carry a leather material sling bag or a bag pack.

What if you have to go out for a casual meet?

  • Pull off or take off your denim pants. If you have noticed something throughout my picture I prefer wearing wedges, instead you can wear canvas shoes as well.
  • You can also wear a plain shirt or a blazer with a up do hairstyle for a formal look. Unfortunately, office desk has all the norms laid out. 
  • Secondly, you can wear it with your denim jacket open or closed with one or two buttons at the center.

Be Lucky To Wear A Semi-formal Outfit

This outfit is again a casual look, but at the sametime its a semi-formal style too. You can wear a formal style outfit with a bun hairstyle or a up do tie up hairstyle. To get a complete formal style in a bodycon dress you might also require a blazer too. For example, to this checks, striped bodycon dress, I could have added a maroon, dark red or black blazer too. Kindly excuse this as I had lesser time to get this blog post done. Therefore, a blazer is a must. Either you can also sum up your outfit with a shirt that contrast with your bodycon dress.

Office Desk & Ethical Dresscode - FORMAL OUTFIT

Have any important meeting? You can wear a pallazzo pant or bell bottom formal pant with this bodycon dress that can keep everything ethical. I have given a attentive position as I have worn a trouser pant with an appropriate color of belt that makes me look professional. Thus, this can be workstation outfit.

At The End Of The Day - Its Time To Party

One of the most important event for all the women. Well, you might have always ended up asking your friends and colleagues - Hey, what are you wearing? And you might got some answers like -
  1. I don't know!
  2. I buyed a dress online, so its a surprise!
  3. I might wear a black dress, etc., and so on
Yet, you might end up being clueless. In that case, you can wear this outfit in 3 different styles.

  • Wear it with a pencil skirt, pleated skirt, or a bell skirt. I have worn a pencil skirt, which is a perfect party wear especially for a working women with a busy schedule of meetings on daytime and evening office event. 
  • Wear it low waist with some accessories like belt and fancy spectacles.

  • Wear your pencil skirt high waist when attending a colleagues birthday party, concert, or any other celebration. 
  • Don't forget to do some hairstyles. In this picture I have styled only crown section of hair with a hair clip, leaving the front portion of my hair curled. If you have short hair, then you can keep it open, well combed or use a hairpin or else a hairband. 

  • Last but not the least, a perfect outfit for each and every occasion.
  • Again, you can try different hairstyles. There are different versions of bun hairstyle and fish braid hairstyle that you can try with a bodycon dress.
  • Just as in this picture, I haven't used any hairpins, instead styled it with my hair itself.
I hope this blog post is helpful for you to try some new styles with your bodycon dress. Its worth trying because I know we all like to stay trendy.



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