6 Denim Outfits for 6 Days

All you need a pump or a peep toe pump just like mine with little accessories that adds charm to my outfit. Here are some of my 6 different hangout outfits with 1 jegging, 3 tops, 2 denim jackets with the same pumps and accessories. All them are convenient for your college days, friends hangout, shopping, or at refreshment places like parks and lawn. You can experiment each outfit on each alternate days or every weekend. 

Day 1 Outing

What all you need:
  • Any random colored top, tank, spaghetti top, or any fancy top that complements to overall outfit.
  • In my case, I prefer choosing black jegging for my vibrant red tee and full sleeve denim jacket.
  • Last but not the least, accessories are mandatory. I choose a beaded spiral hand wear, butterfly long chain, and a broad strapped watch.

 Day 2 Outing

Once again, for a 2nd day outoing I made it more simple for a quick ready to go. Boys, now girls can get ready quickly within 5 mins too. Koi Shak!
  • Day 1 outfit is what you can refer for, but then here I took a little effort on my hairstyle and wore a sleeveless denim cardigan.

  • If your hairs are slightly curly divide it into 2 section. Bring the 1st section of hair to the other side of the section from above.
  •  Keep twisting each section to the other side.
  • To all the short hair girl, just simple wear a pony or a headband or try one side hairpin hairstyle.

Day 3 Outing

As I mentioned tank top are important, especially for your jegging and denim pants. They always mix well with all types of bottom wear. In this outfit I again experiment a new hairstyle. Here I braided my hair into 5 section to one side of my shoulder. To braid  this hairstyle, firstly do not braid your hair from behind instead braid it by keeping it ahead beside your shoulder. If you have ever tried braidin g your hair into 3 section then braiding it into 5 section is not a big deal. A consistent practice of this hairstyle can be learnt within 3-5 times of practice. Good Luck! and Keep Trying.

 Day 4 Outing

The full sleeve denim jacket and black jeggings is just not enough for my outing. This can be your weekend outfit. Mostly this is a perfect wear for corporate women on weekend days. Instead of black jeggings you can wear a white jeggings as well and a canvas shoes. A soothing white color for the summer days is the perfect weekend outfit. And once again I experiment this outfit with a tie up hairstyle and added an eyewear accessory, which is a square shaped eyewear glasses. Overall this outfit gives you a professional statement that you can wear it for an event. 

Day 5 Outing 

My next outfit is again a denim jacket with a floral tank top. Now you know why denim jacket are so important for your outfits. A blue denim always matches well with almost all the colorful tees. Just as black color rules and grabs everyone attention. This time I choose to keep by hair open with 2 sections both the side and wayfarer style eyewear. Isn't that pretty convenient to carry all the way wherever you go?

 Day 6 Outing

All you can view that a sleeveless denim cardigan can also make a slight different look. Again to bring a small difference in this outfit I choose to add a clip to my hair. All you need to do is just take the crown portion of your hair and the side portion of hair near your ear and clip it behind. Here 2 things changes make my look - jacket and hairstyle. That gives a conclusion - denims, hairstyle, and accessory can modify your outfit.

In addition, enhance your beauty with lipcolor like fuschia or cherry red lipcolor and a stroke of kajal with liner. You can choose a pigmented or a matte shade lipcolor as well. Make sure that you apply eyeliner depending on the type of eye shape you have. I choose to apply wing shape eyeliner as it highlights my black protruding eyes. 



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