Rangoon Brings Corset Outfits Back In Trend

The old 1941 trend is back with a sensational look. Yes! One of the amazing seductive outfit of women known as leather corset style is all set in the market. Actress Kangana Ranaut nailed it perfectly in the Rangoon movie. She knows how to wear and carry an outfit to oomph in an outstanding fashion statement. Throughout the movie the old chic style is inspiring the masses outside. The buzz of the vintage is on once again.

It is evidential that such an erotic role of her in a corset wear has added more personify look to her role model. Here are some of the startling ideas. Yes, you wear it in some amazing style that will bring sexy look to your body.

1. Wear A Corset On A Plain Shirt

Now this beautiful model gives you a better idea how to wear a corset with a shirt. Wear a shirt tucked in or do not tuck it. You can wear a formal shirt as well. Just a wear it around your waistline. You can wear it with a jeans or a black pant.

2. Wear A Corset For A Party

Ain't this outfit perfect for your casual friends 🍸 party or a rock concert. All you need to wear a leather jacket that suits your overall look. Leather jacket is a must in your wardrobe as far as it pairs well with all your body hugging casual tops and tees.

3. Sexy Corset Dress

Once again a grandeur party wear that grabs all the attention. Else, it can be a your spinster party theme too. All the bride to be, get ready to have a girls 🌚 night out in this corset dress with a pair of high-heels πŸ‘  Cheers! 

4. Retro Style

A casual style would be right for a friends meet, a hang out at parks and playgrounds or at a market. You try some braided hairstyle or a simple pony with this outfit. A retro hairstyle with short curled hair or just a simple headband with a red lipcolor πŸ‘„can make you all set for the day.

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