Nude Orange Color Is My Summer Outfit

Before summer season ends I wanted to seize my weekend by using the summer fashion. That's why I decided to use the light orange shade dress of Mineral Brand on a bright day. As each day of this season is bright I decided to walk out of the house with my nude orange dress, which is a light outfit of this season.

Nude Orange Is The OOTD

This outfit is not extremely sober color neither a vibrant orange, but slightly a light poppy color of dress that drags an attention to you and your outfit. As a result, rule number 1 is the color of summer season is the key to spend a better day than the rest you had.

It's essential to be aware about type of outfit for the season. Like I have previously mentioned in my post - This Summer My Blue Jeggings Goes Viral. Always choose your outfit wisely depending on the material and pattern of the cloth. Your body seeks for comfort especially in summer season because it breathes and sweat due to the exposure of heat. Hence, a sober color cloth of georgette and chiffon material can keep your body cool on a broad daylight. The dress in this image is a chiffon fabric, which is an easy wearable outfit for me. If you have something like this then you can wear it like a kurti with leggings as well.

Unique Style Of The Day

Color and outfit of the season is just an incomplete style for me. To complete my overall look for the day I choose to deck out with some simple accessories. I compete my attire with a pendant chain, a metal bangle, watch, and black straped, grey wedges. Yes, That's it! Last, but not the least one more thing I added up is  little bit of beauty products. Of course, no one really cares or bother whether you apply some lipstick shades or mascaral, but its important to be presentable. An attractive personality makes the opposite person think about you for who you are. So wherever you go ensure that your style is up to mark.

Credits To Rockstar Red Shade

Since my outfit is simple and pretty I first applied a primer allover my face till my neckline and then a BB cream foundation of a natural shade. The natural shade is widely used because it suits all the complexion of face just as it worked for me. Incase you are fair then you can switch on some other shade as well. I would suggest you to test it on the back side of your palm. After applying the cream all over the face and neck I applied a foundation powder of Lakme, which helps to reduce the shiny or oily appearance of the BB cream foundation. Next for my eyes I apply black HR eyeliner, which is waterproof  and a VLCC kajal that stays throughout the day. To keep smile look pretty I apply a rockstar red color lipstick of Elle 18 color pops matte. Also, I have applied a nail color of nude orange shade that perfectly sums up my look for the day. So this is how I carried my weekend look with a simple sober color dress.

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