Summer Update | Weekend On The Beach

Bearing the harsh sunlight is not kind of everyone's job, but a weekend spent with my friends is surely a satisfying job of my life. Guess this beautiful location of Mumbai. The beach is not as clean as beaches at the outskirts of Mumbai, but the windy atmosphere, the foot marks, the sounds of the waves, etc. is soothing and relaxing. Apart from that when you have a friend to accompany you especially who loves to travel has made me feel energetic at the end of the day. Here;s my beach outfit at attractive location of Mumbai.

Simple Nude Color Outfit

In the previous post - Nude Orange Color is My Summer Outfit I have mentioned about this outfit as a summer fashion. Just one glance is enough for you to understand why I choose this dress for the summer season. Hope you really had a very good weekday and now its time to enjoy your weekend. Weekend evenings always seem to be crowded, but if you aren't enjoying the very present day of your life by not going outside then what story do you have to share. That's why go for sober color this season on a hot sunny day.

Nerdy Look With  Nude Orange Dress 

This light color orange outfit is neither poppy nor an extreme dark color. I would rather call it a nude orange dress that can be used for different occasions like a casual hangout, beach outfit, and parties, etc. You can also wear this outfit in an Indian style by wearing leggings as your bottom wear. I used this outfit as a beach outfit. If you have something like this then do wear it  a lilly flower that can be placed near your ears and a straw hat is a must that can protect you from sun. And Yes! If you are conscious about your feet getting dirty stop bothering about your feet much and walk on the sand bear foot just I prefered. But that doesn't mean that you don't carry your slip on's.

Moment Of The Day

This is one of my favorite picture of the entire photoshoot. The picture is itself natural because of the proper sunlight, waves hitting my feet, hairs blowing in the air, and shadow. It still life picture that is in motion where I am having a great time. This is how I have spent my weekend evening with this as beach outfit at Versova beach. Now you finally know which beach I was talking about at the first paragraph. I find this beach very relaxing between 4:00 - 5:00 PM. 



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