Lipstick Shades Of Corporate Avenues

Blog 6, 11 May 2015

Shades of lipstick keep changing. It's an ever increasing and trending part of beauty. There are quite a few lipcolors that can surely suit your complexion perfectly. I am familiar with so many girls wearing their choice of lipstick that represents them really good. But not so good at certain places, such as on a busy schedule in an office. Some woman love to have a collection of lipcolors that can be used separately each day or on different occasions. That's why you must apply some shades at corporate avenues too. In regards to term like office, corporate avenuues, ore office spaces then I would like to suggest you some lip color with light shades only. A shade that is much similar to your lipcolor only or a little bit darker shade than your lip. Never go for dark lipcolor like pure red as they are occasional wear. As a corporate woman we always love to be appreciated, hired, promoted by our supervisors and seniors, but not only for our work but also in our appearance as well. Shades of each brand has different names to it. While some of the best suggested shades of Revlon are Brazilian Tan, Spicy Cinnamon, Blush Nude, Abstract Orange, Lovers Coral, Wine with Everything (Creme), etc.


I loved the Brazillian Tan, Spicy Cinnamon and Blush Nude. Similarly you can have various range of shades for each day with you specific office wear. One more thing that I would love to share is that some days you can try these color with casuals too. It is just a combination and game of colors that can perfectly match your outfits. Therefore, I can suggest you to buy lipstick shades of  Revlon on Fashion and You, Amazon, Or Nykaa. Find out the shade that goes well with formal outfit of your choice. Make sure you buy a light shade lipcolor as well as darker shades of lipstick.




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