Bright Color Outfits On Bright Days

Blog 4, 1 May 2015

Getting bored on a sunny day is not at all "OK" for me,
but I would rather suggest everyone to try some outfits on the bright day of summer time. We try outfits for college fresher parties, friends birthday party or Outfits for  Night Out. Guys please don't let your friends birthday or any other plan get wasted. Enjoy it with pleasure try some outfits of Global Desi by Designer Anita Dongre and W for Women. Its really fun to try out the smooth colours in in this summer with some ethnic styles. This picture with white colour single dress is quite best with the ethnic design at the bottom is a perfect getup on high heel wedges. The waist lace is an Indian dori that provides you to fit in this outfit. While the below outfit light grey shade Kurti appear like a desert touch. It simply has a print of camel that describes a Rajasthani Style. (Indian State Rajasthan of Desert area) This form of  clothing can be also worn with a blue jeans or try with Jeggings. Please do not try it with leggings with this short kurti. As wearing a leggings with short kurti may expose your butt (booty) shape and I am sure no one wants to expose their body parts in public though you are wearing whatever sort of clothes.


                 (Best Indian ethnic style of Global Desi outfits. For more trends and style check on                                                      

Summer Time wedding attenders get ready where something bright light shaded salwar suits or anarkali suits. One must always try to wear a light colour in summer as in keeps your body calm and cool. Though some people really hate such colours, while some may think it would look very attention grabing ; but its also not necessary to wear a dark colour or any other royal colour. Light shaded wears sober that are easy to carry with simple get up will all make you look elegant. Remember to pick up the colour which will suit your complexion. For example there are many light colours such as Zemon zest, Dusk blue, Tender shoots (Pista Colour), Linen (Gulabi Colour), Nectarine, Grey Jade, etc.

This White Anarkai Suit with Pinkish Dupatta is Graceful
for the Wedding Ceremony

One can also try some trendy kurti's
with different pattern and material such as
W for women has numberof designs and
patterns that gives you a range of style of
your taste for a new look. This picture at the
right side of lemon zest colour has a different
print. For more styles and designs check

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The Linen shade with Gold Shimmer is best for the Engagement Ceremony
Lemon Zest - Print




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